Avicola Dan company was founded in 2007 by the Danish Mother company Danagri Invest. The investment was partly financed by a EKF (EKF is the Danish governments export credit institute – www.ekf.dk) guarantied Sydbank loan (www.sydbank.dk).


The project was established in the village of Sanislau, Satu Mare County in Northern Romania. It was developed to satisfy an increasing demand for chicken meat, while taking advantage of the newest production technology and know-how. At the same time utilizing the efficient Danish broiler management skills. The broiler barns are equipped with the modern Danish Dacs climate control solutions for broiler production. (www.dacs.dk)

• Danish investment in 8 high technology broiler barns and feed production facility.

• High volume barns with each 36.000 broilers

• Total construction investment of 10 mio EUR, Project started in 2007, start of construction work end 2011, first 4 broiler barns in operation spring 2011. Last 4 boiler barns in operation January 2014.

Feed mill.

The Feed mill has a yearly capacity of 24.000 tons pelleted broiler feed.

The production is based on danish know how from Crocus (www.crocus.dk) and Vitfoss (www.vitfoss.com), which also are delivering premix. We are buying wheat and purump on the local market. The need on a yearly basis is around 10.000 tons.