Wellcome to Avicola Dan

Avicola Dan is situated in , Satu Mare County in Northern Romania.

Our name is a combination of Avicola and Dan that describes our heritage as well as our focus. In the Romanian languagee Avicola can be translated to poultry. Dan is short for Denmark in Danish.

We are a company that are specializing in the poultry business. Both producing chicken as well as producing feed for broilers. Avicola Dan is a daughter company of the Danish company Danagri Invest A/S, and Avicola Dan’s production facilities are all based on the newest Danish production technology and know – how. Thereby creating our name Avicola Dan.

Besides our own production of chickens our main focus is to produce high quality feed for broilers.

Using the newest danish production technology and know how, combined with a close coperation with the Danish supplier of prevmix Vitfoss (www.vitfoss.com), insures that our recipes for broiler feed are of the highest standard.

Our vision is to combined Danish technology and Management know how with local workforce thereby creating a modern attractive company for both employees, suppliers as well as customers.


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